The Benefits of On-Location Corporate Headshots

The Benefits of On-Location Corporate Headshots

Headshots aren’t just for actors and models anymore. A business portrait, executive portrait, or whatever you’d like to call it is essential for every business professional to appear both competent and friendly. Getting your Washington DC headshots done on-location can be an easy way to check it off your list. Here are the benefits of having your corporate headshots in DC done professionally on-site.

The Photographer Comes to You

Rather than going out of your way to drive to a studio, you can have a professional headshot photographer come to you. The photographer will bring their camera, equipment, and photography expertise right to your office. They will have knowledge of the latest headshot trends and know exactly how to create the perfect photo for you. It’s convenient and easy.

A Look at Your Business

On-location headshots can also give a potential client a look inside of your business. Rather than a white backdrop or greenery, on-location headshots will feature you in your real corporate environment. This will make you and your company seem genuine, a real place with real people in it.

A Professional Look

A professional portrait will help your clients put a face to a name. Studies show that people’s eyes glance over stock photos on company websites, but linger on pictures of real employees. Having a nice, clean-cut photo can help a client see you as a person—someone worth doing business with.

Online Presence

Lots of employers look on LinkedIn and other social media when deciding whether to hire a candidate. If your LinkedIn photo is a selfie, it doesn’t reflect well on you. Conversely, if your LinkedIn photo is a professional headshot, it signals to the recruiter that you take your career seriously, and they will be more likely to hire you.

Corporate headshots in Washington, DC, can make you stand out from the crowd—in a good way. They can offer a human side to your business while maintaining your professional appearance. They're a must-have for every business.

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