How Professional Headshots Can Help Your Business

It wasn’t that long ago when people commonly thought headshots were really only for the rich and famous. Nowadays, headshot photography is not just for aspiring models and actors. All over the world, businesspeople are getting Washington, D.C. business headshots as part of their business marketing. Here are a few good reasons why you should also consider getting headshots for your business.

Add Personality to Your Business

You’ve probably heard someone say, “It’s not personal; it’s just business.” However, there’s no real good reason why you can’t add a personal touch to your business personality. A common phrase heard in business is that people don’t buy from businesses; they buy from people. By having a headshot on your website and company social media pages, you can show your current and potential customers that you are a person just like they are. It adds a level of transparency to your business that your customers will certainly appreciate.

Have a More Interesting Website

It’s been proven that when people land on a webpage, if there is a lot of copy and no images associated with it, they will spend less time on that webpage or site. Having your staff biographies with accompanying professional headshots will make your biography page better and will do more to encourage your customers to get to know your staff.

Give a More Professional Look

Of course, the option is always there to just have your staff submit their own photos for the website. However, this will look thrown together and unprofessional. By having headshots for your organization, your website—and by extension, your staff—will look far more professional and capable. Headshots will also help you significantly with branding your organization.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting Washington, D.C. corporate headshots for you and your employees, think about these reasons to hop on over the fence and schedule your photography appointment right away. There are too many benefits to getting professional headshots that you really can’t afford not to have it done.

Tim CoburnComment