How to Choose the Right Attire for Corporate Headshots

A headshot is one of the most critical parts of your portfolio. You can’t just upload whatever photo you feel like on your LinkedIn page because whether you like it or not, future partners and employers will judge you on the way you look. So, if you need a photo for your profile, look for a headshot photographer in Washington, DC, who understands what it takes to snap a good a picture. Consider these for your attire if you have a schedule for a shoot.

Don’t Stick with Black and White

Black and white are safe colors to wear but try wearing something that accentuates your eye color or skin tone to add interest to your photo. If you have to wear a neutral color, make sure to accessorize with something that’s a little eye-catching. You don’t have to wear dull colors all of the time, a little pop here and there will convey an emotional photo that will speak to your future clients or employers.

Don’t Wear Trendy Clothes

Avoid clothes that are too distracting and trendy. Choose classic cuts and silhouettes that don’t show off too much skin. Sleek patterns that aren’t too loud are also excellent choices to try. Your photos should not be from a specific period of time, so avoid wearing seasonal clothing.

Don’t Wear Your Neckline Too Low

Stick to classic necklines that don’t show too much of your skin. Crew, scoop, and other necklines that are not too trendy will also work best for corporate headshots in DC. Men should also wear button-down shirts under a perfectly ironed jacket. Wear a luxurious tie that will not distract those who visit your profile.

Consider Your Position or Title

If you hold an executive position, you might want to wear crisp-looking clothes that fit your frame perfectly. All the small details are critical from the size of your specs to the length of your necktie. Everything must look polished.

Wear Less Jewelry

Plain and classic looking jewelry are the best for LinkedIn headshots in Washington, DC. Avoid danglers and earrings that are too big or too chic. Only your facial details and expression must stand out and not your accessories.

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