4 Ways Your Headshot Can Lead to Modeling

4 Ways Your Headshot Can Lead to Modeling

Modeling is one of the world's most competitive careers. And, with your appearance in print being the most important element in your effort to be a professional model, DC Headshots has these 4 essential tips to get you on your way.

Hair and Makeup

Make yourself aware of the best techniques required for photography. Getting your hair and makeup done for a headshot is not the same as getting fixed up to go to a party. What might work for a special event doesn't always translate to a photograph. You'll need to start with a good foundation, and pay special attention to the eyes, lips, and cheekbones to look good for the camera. And, while a shine might work when going dancing, it’s not usually a desired effect in a headshot.


Dramatic lighting is perfect if you're shooting a murder mystery, and perhaps for a photo shoot - but it's the last thing you want in a headshot. You'll want the lighting to be as even as possible, giving the viewer the best and most honest appreciation of your look in a photograph. Usually, a two-light rig is ideal to provide a full and lovely image with few shadows.

The Angle

Similarly, the angle of the photograph should be simple, but not straight on. You'll usually want the photographer to be just slightly above your eye-level, although slightly below your eyes is acceptable if you want to appear more dominant or authoritative. Either way, you want the look to be direct and simple and in such a fashion as to avoid unsightly shadows.


The least technical - but perhaps most important aspect of your headshot - is that it conveys the uniqueness that is you. You should be relaxed with your photographer, arrive in a good mood, and have fun. You and your photographer should have a good rapport with one another, so you’re as comfortable and photogenic as possible.

If you follow these simple rules, you can have an excellent headshot, putting a career in modeling well within your reach.

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