Useful Tips for Posing for Headshots

When it comes to building your portfolio, your corporate headshots in DC speak volumes and can instantly impress a prospective employer, business partner, or sponsor. Sessions are costly, but a professional-looking headshot can potentially help you win a lot of connections and professional career mileage. Carefully choose the right photographer to do the job. Here are some tips for nailing that shot.

Hire a Stylist

Don’t spend too much time doing your make-up and deciding on what to wear. Yes, this tip applies to all women and men. Hire a professional to fix your wardrobe and your look. Think of your headshot sessions as an investment because there is no use paying for expensive photo sessions if you don’t ace your look and wardrobe as well. Be ready for it if you want to look well in photographs.

Practice Your Best Angles

Don’t be ashamed to take tons of selfies against a light background before the shoot. Better yet, use a large mirror to see how you look like practicing your poses. You must know which position your face photographs best. Try experimenting with different degrees of smiles and eye squints to memorize the most natural pose for your DC corporate headshots. Save the photos and check to find the best filters that will add some exciting touch of drama to your photos.

Relax and Control Hyper Emotions

Perform relaxation techniques such as yoga and breathing exercises before your big session. You want to look as natural and confident as possible. Look positive but control excessive emotions that will give you away.

Maintain Proper Posture and Body Language

Posture is a good cue for headhunters and personality readers. The way you sit, stand, and place your hands and arms in front all matter. Avoid slouching and making withdrawn gestures that will suggest insecurity and other negative aspects that might not work well for their organization.

Tuck Your Chin and Turn Your Face at an Angle

Sometimes, lighting and camera angles make the chin look a lot chubbier than usual. Try to avoid this by contracting your muscles under your chin to keep it sleek-looking. A slight change in position can help you look more natural in your corporate headshots in DC.

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