How to Prepare for Next Photoshoot

Be prepared. This phrase could speak to people in many situations, but it’s especially applicable if you’re preparing for your corporate headshots in Washington DC. Don’t leave home without this set of tips to ensure you do everything possible to be prepared for your photo shoot.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Most people underestimate the relationship of sleep and appearance. Even one night of poor sleep can result in puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles. Your colleagues are always the first to notice when you look tired. The camera picks up the physical affects of sleep issues too. It’s no wonder society talks about needing beauty sleep. Without it, most people don’t look attractive. Even if lack of sleep is your regular routine, try going to bed early for several nights before your photoshoot for corporate headshots in DC.

Drink Water and Eat a Healthy Diet

When you don’t drink enough fluids, your body dehydrates, and the effects show up on your skin. If you don’t hydrate your skin may breakout or develop irritation and dry patches.  Since a headshot focuses on your face, it’s not as simple to hide the effects of poor nutrition. Of course, you can’t fix years of unhealthy living overnight. If possible, start making simple health changes a few weeks before your appointment.

Hair and Make-up

Most men won’t need to worry about wearing makeup, but they do need to pay attention to hair. Get a haircut a few days before your shoot. This gives you time to adjust to a new style and work out any errors made by your stylist. Women should be careful about any drastic hairstyles or color applications. If you normally wear your hair long, this might not be the time to try that trendy bob or ultra-short style. Makeup is a sensitive topic for some since for many women, makeup helps them feel more beautiful. When having professional headshots done, less really is more.

Choose Clothing Carefully

Business attire in dark colors like dark red, blue and black work well. Make sure clothing pieces fit properly. Baggy or tight-fitting clothes won’t make a good impression in your photos. Even though the camera focuses on your face, your clothing says a lot about who you are, so choose carefully. That bright beautifully patterned blouse may be a signature piece in your wardrobe but save it for another occasion. If you’re not sure what to wear, ask a trusted friend to come over and help you put your photoshoot wardrobe together.

Your corporate headshot is an important piece of your business image. If you prepare well for your photoshoot, your headshots can add something positive to your portfolio. DC Headshots is committed to helping you develop your personal brand. Make your headshot appointment today.

Tim CoburnComment