Professional Corporate Headshot Checklist

A great corporate headshot can help improve your standing in your career field, as well as with your employer, colleagues, and clients. Getting noticed is the name of the game in today’s world, and you need to ensure your face is on the minds of the people who count! Do you know the secrets of taking a great professional portrait photo? Here are some tips to help you make the best impression.

  • Avoid “prepping” your appearance too much, such as getting a facial or rocking a brand-new hairstyle shortly before the photo shoot. You may not like how the changes look and you won’t be able to undo their effects in time for the pictures to be taken.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before, avoid partying, and be sure to eat something. All of these will have an effect on your appearance.
  • Bring several shirts or blouses to your photo shoot to help create a different appearance and a wider selection of pictures to use. Since headshots rarely go below your waistline, you don’t need as much variation there—you can even sport a suit on top and shorts on the bottom in hot weather!
  • Don’t forget to base different looks on the right outerwear. Certain coats and sweaters can add to the overall effect you wish to create.
  • Remember the field you’re in and style your wardrobe choices appropriately. In today’s fast-paced world, a three-piece suit is not always the required uniform. Colorful and more casual options often reflect the newest trends in business style. But, if you work in a traditional law firm, you’ll probably want to maintain your best-dressed standards.
  • Regardless of your fashion choices, some basic rules of great photography dictate that you avoid strong patterns, especially if they’re small and detailed. Also, avoid colors that contrast too strongly; these will create a distracting effect in your headshot.
  • Remember to keep jewelry small and not outlandish. Too much bling distracts attention from you, and that’s who you want everyone to notice, right?

A great headshot can make your personality stand out and get noticed. Washington DC Headshots can get you the look you want to help advance your career, make contacts, and tell the world who you are. Call us for a consultation today!

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