How to Prepare for a Headshot Portfolio

How to Prepare for a Headshot Portfolio

Headshots are not only for those who work in the entertainment industries. These photos are a legitimate way to market yourselves. Before deciding to schedule you for a meetup or an interview, employers, clients, or investors rely on first impressions, which is why you must make your Washington DC headshots photo count. Here are ways to prepare for a portfolio:

1. Pick the Right Photographer

The right photographer can turn your headshot portfolio into an effective marketing strategy. No two photographers are alike, so choose the one that can capture your individuality and professionalism at the same time.

2. Choose Your Look Properly

Your overall look can instantly create the right impression about you. So make sure to wear appropriate clothing consistent with the purpose of your headshot portfolio. Keep your clothes simple so that people will focus on you and not what you are wearing. Avoid costumes with loud and crazy color and patterns.

3. Flawless Hair and Make-Up

These elements are part of your overall look. Do wear make-up that will let your features stand out, but make sure that it looks natural and flattering at the same time. Keep your hairstyle sleek and away from your face to make your profile shot clean. Avoid oily face and bring your arsenal for instant touch-ups. Hire a stylist just for the event to make sure that the headshot is on point.

4. Practice Your Position

Studios have mirrors where you can practice how you will strike your pose. Smile, squint, and lean just right to get your desired pose and to play up your unique facial features. Finally, relax and enjoy your Washington DC headshot portfolio session. It is an experience that will surely help build you up professionally.


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