Tim Coburn- Professional On-Location Photographer Fairfax, VA. 

A visually appealing headshot helps you communicate the image you want to project, whether it be strength, compassion, leadership or creativity or all the above.  In today's digital world headshots go anywhere. You can use it on a website or as part of your social media profile, add it to LinkedIn with your online resume, or include it on a business card or book jacket. If you’re looking for a professional, easy-to-work-with photographer in the Fairfax, Virginia area, Tim Coburn is the best photographer around. 


Tim Coburn Photography offers world-class photography services that include:

Executive Headshots

As a business executive, you want to convey confidence and professionalism in a personable manner. Whether you plan to use it with a resume or in a brochure for your company, we'll create a professional headshot designed to meet your goals.

Corporate Headshots

Professional on-location photo shoots are a great way to associate your face with your business. The quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and shows how you conduct business. If you’re looking for corporate headshots in Fairfax, Virginia, Tim Coburn Photography is the best choice for you. We'll get the perfect shot and guarantee high-quality results that are great for newspaper articles, promotional materials, and trade magazines. 

Creative Headshots 

Artists, musicians, authors, performers, and others involved with creative work find that professional headshots are essential to promoting their work. They can be used to advertise your new work or remind people of previous projects and enhance your creative credibility.


Why Tim Coburn Photography?

You can’t get a professional headshot without going to a professional photographer. First impressions are crucial, so you want the best photo you can get. 

Tim's artistic eye and his sense of style, design, color, and lighting enable him to produce unsurpassed images for his clients. Combine high-quality photography with exceptional customer service, and it's easy to understand why Tim Coburn is so highly sought after.

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