Break through the crowded field and stand out from your competition with superior, high-quality professional headshots from Tim Coburn Photography. Award-winning Washington DC corporate headshot photographer Tim Coburn offers on-location business headshot sessions to create the most visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing professional photos that tell your story. In this digital era, your headshot goes everywhere, from your resume, LinkedIN, social media profile all the way to the corporate website. A friendly, pleasing headshot plays an important role in promoting you. You are your brand and you should have a professional headshot that shows off that brand in the best possible light. From websites to business cards to book jackets, Tim creates captivating and engaging professional corporate headshots in DC to advertise you, your brand, and your product or service.

When taking on-location headshots, Tim brings his years of expertise to you. On-location photos are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. In contrast to studio photos, on-location headshots show you in your everyday surroundings and catch a glimpse of your life and story that cannot be captured in a formal studio setting. A professional, on-location headshot allows you to communicate much about yourself in just one beautiful image, including the following:

    • Success. A headshot taken at your office, your factory, or your project is not only an image of you, but is also an image of all you have accomplished. Your on-location headshot is more than just a great photo, it’s a photo of someone who’s doing great at their chosen field and loving it.
    • Confidence. When you have your photo taken in a place that’s familiar and comfortable, you feel more confident and that confidence shines through in the images. Professional attention to lighting, angles, and colors will enhance your features and help you look your best. 
    • Connection. Environmental headshots give greater context into who you are and what you do than traditional studio photos, which results in more effective connections with those who view your photo. When your photo represents you and your professional story more effectively, you will appeal to clients, partners, and employers on a more personal level.

Have your next headshot taken by Tim Coburn Photography, the most outstanding corporate headshot photographer in Washington, DC. Tim will bring his headshot expertise to your location to capture you and your success story in one unforgettable image.