Why You Should HAVE FUN during Your Headshot Photo Shoot

Since first impressions can never be undone, being careful to make the right one the first time around is always in your favor. Whether you are applying for your dream job, trying to book your first gig, or are attaching your face and name with your life’s work, the right headshot is an essential part of the equation. Read on to learn more about creative professional headshots and why I always recommend having fun during your headshot session.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

When you only have a second for your picture to catch someone’s eye, you have to make that second count. That picture will get seen more often than your resume will get read, and your headshot is generally your foot in the door. Make it count, relax and have fun. Let the photographer do the work.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

If your picture is the quickest way to tell your story, what do you want it to say? Are you a serious, accomplished professional? Are you a creative, bright personality? No matter what other people dictate as the norm for corporate headshots in DC, I always recommend letting your personality shine through your photograph.

The Secret Weapon: Have Fun

What is the best way to give a glimpse of the inner you through your headshot? Have fun with the photo shoot itself. When you are having fun, you are less concerned with your insecurities, you tend to relax into your natural self, and your level of happiness gives you a certain glow. Whether your personality is big and bright or more mellow and reserved, you can let that shine through so that people viewing your headshot get a small preview into who you really are.

So, on photoshoot day, take advantage of the opportunity to dress up, be the center of attention, relax, and have fun with your photoshoot. Always feel free to communicate how you feel and what you need in order to let go and just have fun.

Tim CoburnComment