Why Invest in Headshots, Hair, and Makeup?

It goes without saying: You need a professional headshot. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, young or old, or a recent college graduate or a seasoned veteran in the workplace. In this digital age, you need a quality photo taken by a Washington, DC, headshot photographer who works with a hair stylist and makeup artist. If you think headshots are just for Hollywood celebrities, you should reconsider. Your future could depend on the photo you use in professional circles. Professional headshots are for everyone, and here’s why you should invest in this before anything else.


The photo you post on LinkedIn is just as important as the words you use to describe your professional accomplishments. In fact, it may be more important. Like it or not, people judge you by your photograph. This doesn’t mean you have to be drop dead gorgeous or stunningly handsome. But you shouldn’t have a blurry photo taken with your phone, nor one with a cluttered background. Your LinkedIn photo says a lot about you. Don’t compromise your image.

Email Profile Photos

Many email platforms allow you to upload a photo. Rather than leave that space blank or use a selfie with you squinting in the sun, you should upload a professional headshot that makes you look sharp. Once again, it’s a great career move. Because so much business communication is conducted through email, you’ll want to present yourself in a professional manner.

Facebook and Twitter

Many people consider LinkedIn to be the professional social media platform, and Facebook and Twitter to be for personal sharing. While that may be true, it doesn’t stop employers and business associates from looking you up on all your social media platforms. In this digital age, you have to protect your image on all platforms. Washington, DC, business headshots bring out your personal flair in a professional manner.

Publication Photos

If you attend a conference or seminar for work, you may be asked to provide a publicity photo for publication. The request to supply such a photo may catch you by surprise someday. Supplying your own headshot is better than being suddenly posed for a photo taken by the intern on one of your bad hair days. You definitely need to control your image.

Headshots Are Essential

Initially, some people think of a headshot as an extravagance. But truth be told, Washington, DC, corporate headshots are as essential as proper business attire and personal grooming. A headshot is vital to your professional image. That’s why more professionals are getting headshots taken every day.

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