Tracy Kruilik - Author & Blogger Headshot

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Tracy Kruilik is the author of "I Have Cancer. And I've Never Felt Better." She had severe illness for nine years until doctors finally figured out she had a tumor on her pancreas. She quickly changed her life to a plant-based diet, ridiculous amounts of cycling and Pilates, a balanced life, and a positive attitude. After going in for a scan she learned that not only was the cancer not progressing, it actually appeared to be reversing. Read her blog full of exercise tips and healthy recipes. Not to mention her balcony veggie garden (i have one too). I felt honored to be shooting her headshots and in the process discovered what an amazing woman she is. I'm actually her new Pilates student! Oh, and I introduced her to planking. These are some of her author headshots that she will be using for her book and blog.