What Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Says About You

Appearances count, especially for job seekers. At a job interview, a potential job seeker should looked polished and professional. However, some job seekers forget that thanks to social media, many employers have already formed an opinion about an applicant long before an applicant walks through the first door. This is one reason recruiters recommend that job seekers maintain a complete LinkedIn profile. A complete profile shows potential employers that a prospective candidate is a professional. 

One of the most important aspects of a polished LinkedIn profile is the profile picture. Statistics show that LinkedIn profiles with a photo receive far more inquiries than those without. As a professional headshot photographer in D.C., I see dozens of job seekers hoping to land the gig of their dreams. It’s my goal to craft a professional photo that will enhance a LinkedIn profile and help job seekers land that interview.

Example of before and after headshot. Who is more confident and able to do the job?

It’s a team effort between photographer and subject. The goal is to create a professional headshot in which the job seeker appears confident and capable. Your face should be the focus of the picture, and you should wear professional attire. More importantly, your face should have a pleasant facial expression.  

Working with a professional photographer on these critical headshots will ensure that your LinkedIn profile photo represents you in the best possible light. I work to create a photograph that shows your professionalism, but also a bit of your personality. This means assisting a job candidate in finding the right attire for the photo shoot, tweaking the color and contrast so the photo communicates life and vitality. I will also enlarge pupils, soften harsh light and make photo edits to ensure the best photo.

Minor tweaks aside, you really do want your profile photo to look like you. Research suggests that after networking events, corporate recruiters will check out LinkedIn profiles of those they meet. A recruiter who recognizes a person he or she met at the event will recall the personal connection you made. This greatly increases your chances of getting an interview.

Recruiters and hiring managers are seeking candidates who are the complete professional package. This starts with a professional headshot. A professional photo won’t get you the job, but it can help you get in the door. And then, it’s up to you.