Benefits Of Having A Professional Headshot

Professional headshots are a good idea for professionals in any industry. Many people don't enjoy having their picture taken for various reasons, but there are countless benefits to having a quality headshot at your disposal. At DC Headshots, we know personally what a professional headshot photographer can offer your career.

Like What You See

Let’s face it, many of us don’t love how we look in pictures. But you need to love your headshot because if you don't like your picture, then you won’t post or share it. A professional photographer can use tricks with lighting, angles, and color to make you look your best. Professionals have training and experience that allow them to see what others don't see in order to enhance the image and bring out your best features. Headshots by a professional photographer should please even the harshest of critics,


It’s all about what you put out there. And a quality headshot is great advertising! Putting a friendly face forward can do wonders for business. The biggest benefit to professional headshots is what you can do with the photo. In today's online world, a professional photo can have dozens of uses from social media, blogs, websites and even email signatures.

Represents Professionalism and Quality

Cameras are everywhere; tablets, phones, computers, etc. Unfortunately, not all cameras or photographers are created equal. You wouldn’t choose a selfie from a phone to represent yourself professionally. Nor a decade old picture. On the other hand, a beautiful, professionally crafted headshot projects the image of success.