Khylah Settle - Actress Headshot Makeover

khylah settle original headshot

Khylah Settle is a wonder woman from southern MD--government communication strategist and mom of three by day and actor/model/crime fighter by night. She did acting and modeling from her teens through college and was very successful. After college she felt she needed to get a "real" job. She has recently rediscovered her passion for modeling/acting (crime fighting had to wait) and has already done commercials with local talent agency Linda Townsend.

old headshot

Her experience made her feel more at ease in front of the camera and that comfort and relaxed attitude translates on camera and greatly improves the quality of poses. For those that are getting their headshots for the first time or who are a bit nervous on camera, never fear--my job is to make the client feel as comfortable and confident as possible in front of a camera. After years of shooting headshots I've learned how to do just that!