Headshot Mistakes



This is a CLASSIC example of why people come to me to redo/update headshots. Alicia was just the sweetest girl, an absolute pleasure to work with. So, you can image my shock and horror when she showed me her headshot. Eeek! She had gone to Philadelphia for her first headshot. Her teachers at her school took one look this and said, "You need to reshoot this!" It was pretty much the same reaction I had.

So what's wrong?

--Head tilt: It's in the passive position. Unless you are a therapist who needs your audience to see you as understanding, easy going, PASSIVE!, I wouldn't suggest this. Actors need to be confident, strong, charming, personable. All these things in one split second. No pressure.

--Background: Pink. Really? The simpler the better. You want YOU to show through the shot, not the background.

--Hair: It's too big for her head and it's too big for the photo. This image reminds me of one of those images you see in a salon, either on the wall or in one of those hair magazines. Not an actor headshot.

--Smile: I don't believe that smile for one second! She's like, "Hi, I'm smiling, I promise."

We threw the headshot in the headshot in the trash (before scanning it in of course) and quickly banged out some rocking new headshots! She's confident, cool, simple background and genuine expressions. She'll have a hard time choosing just one.

After shots: Fresh Faced!