Michael Hayes - Actor Headshot

Michel Hayes is nothing short of fascinating! This man of 62, with the spirit of a 25-year-old, has handfuls of tricks in his bag. He had us laughing on our knees when trying on his outfits and showing off his posing skills before starting his acting headshot session. The man is a pro…literally! He has taught posing modeling classes and has his own work to prove it. Check out his vintage work (below) from when he used to model back in the day. He did print work, commercials and film in New York City between 1975-1992. He proudly worked with the likes of Oleg Casini and belongs to the Screen Actors Guild.

Beyond his charisma and on-camera personality, he left NYC to work on a United Nations project in Ethiopia where he met his now wife, Liberty. When he's not busy volunteering to change world crises, like the UNODC project to fight human trafficking, he loves to attend musical concerts of the legendary greats with his lovely lady. We wish this man the best of luck in his acting ventures as he re-emerges from retirement!

Below: Michael working in the 70s and 80s.

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