I understand what you need to propel your career in the right direction: captivating, expressive, personalized headshots that will serve as your calling card or introduction—that all-important first impression—that will help you send your message. During the shoot, I concentrate on using your own personal expression and creativity throughout the entire process to capture the essence of who you are. I become a director and guide you towards what will become a unique and fascinating headshot, customized especially for you.


Why should you invest your time and money into excellent headshots? In most cases, your headshot is your first impression. To accomplish your professional goals, you need to have headshots that truly convey the qualities you want highlighted. If you’re an actor up for the part of a fun-loving, happy best friend, you need a headshot that shows off that aspect of your personality. If you’re an author who wants a memorable photo for your book jacket, then you need a headshot that allows you to connect with your readers.